Musician, conceptual artist and jack of all creative trades Dru Barnes has released "YOU" and the Hazy James remix. The track challenges typical R&B conventions on love in the erotic, emotional and spiritual senses and is the second to come from Barnes' long-awaited solo LP, Silent Light out May 6 on Dither Down Records


Both Blackbook & IMPOSE recently lauded Dru’s music and compelling story in featuring "Jean-Michel", as well as the track's fitting resurgence story for the artist. "Jean-Michel” is a powerful trap-heavy homage to Basquiat and Dru wrote the song as a tribute to his life and a reflection of where he is now in his own journey. 


Barnes spent the better part of the last decade making waves in hip-hop and R&B communities in experimental duo, JOGYO. Following a near-death experience, Barnes was compelled to usher in a new chapter and recorded all of Silent Light in the wake of his tragedy. The Jamaica-via-Brooklyn musician continues to challenge genres and explore avenues for expression, but seeks to utilize sound as a tool for transformation on his upcoming debut.